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Sim2 confirms 1080p projection plans

March 11th, 2006 · No Comments

Alan Roser, Managing Director of UK, has confirmed that the brand’s first 1080p projector, will be available in the UK from April. “For us it’s already been an impressive year, with the launch of the three chip C3X, but something we’ve been asked time and again is: when are we going to do 1080p. Well the answer is the end of April, with the HT3000, which will sell for around £9k. We have been demonstrating an engineering product and it does have its foibles. For example, it hasn’t got a proper lamp or proper colour wheel, but it’s interesting to compare a and 720p picture. “We’re asked time and again what the difference is, and my answer is: about two metres. If you go two metres back you can’t tell the difference. The human eye just canâ’t resolve the difference.” Given that high-end buyers will soon be able to choose between either a 720p three chip model from the brand, or a single chip 1080p model, from the brand, which does he think is the best option? “I do believe that three chip DLP is the best option when it comes to reproducing film. The benefits of 1080p from a picture point of you is that the pixel structure is less, so you can sit closer to the screen, without seeing the infamous screen door effect. Sky has said that for all fast moving sport it will be using 720 progressive, because its better for fast motion. This is why the EBU has gone down that route. Film based material will be transmitted by in 1080i.
“This means that when you’re looking at the footy via a 720p display there’s zero extra processing being done by the projector. The signal is going straight from camera to screen. “Is there going to be any 1080p material to watch? Well, not really. All announcements for Blu-ray have said that’s it’s capable of 1080p, but the software implementation is going to be down to the Hollywood studios. The chances are we’re not going to get it for a while. And from a broadcast point of view, the bandwidth required for 1080p is a long way off.” Roser also confirms that sim2 will be launching a three chip 1080p projector late in 2006, but no prices are being committed to. “Sim2 is firmly committed to being at the cutting edge of DLP, and this is something we are renowned for,” he says.

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