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Welcome to the DRM chain-gang

March 27th, 2006 · No Comments


Intel is in the fast lane, and not just because of its sponsorship deal with BMW Sauber this season (its corporate sponsorship is part of a broader technology and co-marketing agreement between the two). You only had to visit the Developers Forum (IDF), held recently in San Francisco. It’s a great event to attend if you want see the industry’s (OK, Intel’s) vision for tomorrow. After a few minutes of Pat Gelsinger’s keynote, I knew I was going to spend a lot of time on Wikipedia! ATCA, DLNA, RAS, DRM, VQM, AKE, AES and new acronyms on top of old ones…talk about failure of communications!
Without acronyms industry folks wouldn’t be able to talk with each other. At this year’s IDF event, they packed three days with techie presentations and shirtsleeve discussions on how the new low-power chips that fit everywhere and anywhere.
Business, industry and governments still suck up most of the chips that Intel and others produce. But the home continues to get more than its share of attention. There are several reasons: technology touches and drives almost every portion of our lives today, and despite the presentations it is still a long way from slam dunk easy to connect everything…
But these folks are convinced they will be the engine for your life. They are determined to reshape the way we view, listen to, use and think about content. The picture they paint for the new audio/video producers makes investing in Tellywood as appealing as General Motors. It’s true that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When Intel talks about content, everything starts with the computer. And it’s secure.
Doesn’t really matter that 30+% of the content is yours or friends/family photos, video.
It doesn’t really matter that 30% of the content comes from indies who offer the content free or ask for a few bucks for your disc or download. To Tellywood all content is equal. They want it protected from…you!
So the industry is delivering solutions that are called digital transmission content protection (DTCP). Don’t get confused, this isn’t the same as digital rights management (DRM)…honest! DTCP only covers such great consumer benefit tools as authenticated key exchange(AKE), advanced encryption standard (AES), copy control information (CCI) and system renewability messages (SRM). Like I said, time to head for Wikipedia…
As long as the DTCP and DRM tools check out and are happy, you can look at your photos and your video, listen to your music, watch their online movies, play their online games. You can even load up your video player and take along your/their videos/music/games. Sound like a lot of hoops to jump through? Just remember … You gonna get used to wearin’ them chains after a while. By Andy Marken.

The Intel IDF global roadshow continues throughout 2006. For details go to  www.intel.com/idf/

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