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Nintendo to spend 12 million on UK Wii launch

October 21st, 2006 · No Comments

Nintendo will open a 12 million pound war-chest to promote both the launch of and the DS handheld in the UK this Christmas. The December 8 launch of the new console will be backed by a wave of TV and cinema advertising. A second promotion splash, worth over 4 million pounds, will be spent promoting the product during the first quarter of 2007.
The company plans to ship an additional million DS portables before the end of the year.
Using the Wii

Nintendo has redefined the way its users navigate within the Wii environment, implementing a number of ‘channels’. The Wii Channel Menu will be the first screen shown on the television.

Disc Channel This channel allows users to play either Wii game discs or GameCube software.

Mii Channel Caricatured portraits created in this channel can be used as characters across a variety of Wii software. Portraits can be stored in a user’s Wii Remote and taken to a friend’s house to play on another Wii console. Each member of the family can have his or her Wii Remote personalized with a caricature.

Photo Channel Here users can access digital pictures stored on an SD memory card and display them on their TV. Users also can manipulate the photos in a variety of ways, such as zooming or creating mosaics, puzzles or slide shows. They can draw, add stamps, and copy and paste. They also can change the ‘mood’ of photos by brightening them, converting them to monochrome, inverting the color or changing them to stark black and white. Users can also add an MP3 tune to their slide shows. Users also can send their pictures to other Wii consoles by attaching a photo to the Wii Message Board.

Forecast Channel Owners who have connected their Wii console to the Internet can access free local weather forecasts just a few seconds after turning on the Wii console. The WiiConnect24 service automatically updates local weather information.

News Channel Users can access breaking news. When connected to the Internet, the WiiConnect24 service automatically updates this free channel and organizes it in a variety of topical categories.

Wii Shop Channel This is where users go to buy Wii Points or redeem them to download classic video games to the Virtual Console. Users also can use points to download the Opera browser used in the Internet Channel.

Internet Channel Having downloaded the Opera browser with Wii Points users can surf the Internet. The service is compatible with Macromedia Flash.

Wii Message Board Wii users can leave messages for other family members on a calendar-based message board. They also can use WiiConnect24 to send messages to people outside the home as well. Even better, people can trade photos and text messages with cell phone users. The service also allows for incoming messages targeted at software, such as a new map or weapon for a game. Games can constantly be updated, thereby extending their playability.


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