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Warner sticking with Blu-ray, for a while yet at least

September 13th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Will Warner announce a move to only releasing at the 2008 January CES? Some pundits suggest it will, following talks between the Hollywood major and Toshiba. Warner might have several reasons to give Blu-ray the bird: the studio has been frustrated by the lack of interactive options current generation players offer, and would probably welcome a reason to ice its plan to develop a Total Hi-Def dual format flipper disc (pictured below), which is proving troublesome to manufacture.
However Warner’s Home Video division has refuted the move, saying that it plans to continue supporting both formats.. for the time being at least. The Studio confirms that it was approached by Toshiba, but says it has rejected the offer. Studio President Ron Sanders, talking to trade magazine TWICE, says: “We’re talking to both sides and it’s crazy right now. We remain committed to both for the time being. We’ll see how the fourth quarter plays out. The consumer is still kind of divided, and we still believe that we should offer the content in both formats. Now, we will watch the marketplace very closely, and see how it plays out, but for now we are supporting both.”
Sanders describes the current format war as “a Mexican stand-off.”

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  • 1 Mark // Sep 16, 2007 at 2:26 am

    So why shouldn’t they give HD DVD the bird and go Blu-Ray?

    Blu-Ray is the superior format, and it this season will further extend it’s lead. I don’t know how deep Toshiba’s pocket is, but the further Blu-Ray runs away with the HD generation, the more dirty money they will have to stump up to convince studios to back their dying HD DVD format.

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