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Slow roll-out for Blu-ray Profile 1.1

October 15th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Profile 1.1, which mandates Picture-in-picture BD Java support, is begrudgingly coming to , but is it too little too late? LG recently confirmed that its second generation dual-format BD/ player conforms to the Profile 1.1 specification. The upcoming model, which also offers full HDi interactivity, will be one of the most advanced decks available when it goes on sale this autumn.
Pioneer says that it will unveil a 1.1 BD deck at the Las Vegas CES in January; meanwhile a Profile 1.1 firmware upgrade is expected to be released for the . However, no manufacturer has yet announced Blu-ray players capable of going online. BD Live remains merely a theoretical extension of the BD specification. While 1.1 brings extra functionality to BD players, they still lag behind HD DVD decks which can already perform PIP and allow online interactivity as standard.
By way of contrast, the most advanced HD DVD network feature yet, Remote networked Control, will debut on an HD DVD title before the end of the year. The function allows one user to direct HD DVD navigation for many, over the internet. Microsoft’s Kevin Collins promises that the feature will take network interactivity to new levels. He suggests that the technology could used to allow one of the creative members of a movie team, maybe even the director, to interact directly with owners of a disc, over the internet, in predetermined sessions.

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  • 1 ps3 player // Oct 15, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    BD is going to rock if/when Sony release an update for this on PS3. Besides the standard functions Blu-ray needs to conform to modern standards. Profile 1.1 with picture-in-picture needs to be relased as a update!

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