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JVC shuts Scottish LCD TV factory, Japan to follow

April 28th, 2008 · No Comments

JVC is to shutter its TV production facility in Scotland as part of its global restructuring campaign. JVC Manufacturing UK LTD (JMUK) employs 300 staff and has been making TVs (originally CRT then LCD) since 1987, for both the UK and European markets. It will cease production at the end of July and initiate company liquidation procedures around September.
In a statement, JVC says: ‘The rapid shift from CRTs to flat panel displays over the past several years led to a drastic fall in FPD product prices. JVC was forced to conclude that it would be difficult to continue production within the UK due to the resulting impact on profits. Other factors behind the decision to halt production include the fall to about 25 per cent percent of JMUK-produced products sold within the UK, and development of production infrastructure for electronics products in Eastern Europe.’
The company says that it will instead outsource TV production to an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) company in Eastern Europe. As part of a cost cutting measure it will also shift to local part procurement in Eastern Europe.
Contrary to previous reports, JVC says that it will continue TV activities in the Japanese market, concentrating on larger screen models. As part of its new strategy, it’s expected to stop producing LCD TVs at its facility in Yokosuka, southwest of Tokyo, and relocate all Japanese production to Thailand.

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