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Why BT Vision’s Sky Sports event was more about boxing than soccer

July 3rd, 2010 · No Comments

Sky Sports on BT Vision a game-changer says boss, Freeview HD 3rd gen BTV box confirmed | Home Cinema Choice.
BT Vision Sky Sports launch
BT Vision’s press launch to celebrate its new Sky Sports Pay TV subscription bundles turned out to be rather more exciting than expected. The press corp at the event comprised a mix of the usual tech scribblers and sports journalists present to interview the three soccer stars featured in BT’s new TV ad campaign (Michael Owen and two others who I failed to recognise – look it’s sport, what do you expect?).

At the conclusion of the Q ‘n’A, after the sportsmen were ushered out the faux dressing room set lovingly created by BT’s PR operation, a fight broke out between two sports writers from rival tabloids. There was a lot of pushing, shoving and bad language – not something you tend to see at tech press events, to be honest. Frankly, the pair were old enough and big enough to know better. Quite exciting to witness though…

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