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My work

My clients include Future Publishing, Taylist Media, Panasonic and MyTime Media. Here’s a small sample of recent work:

The technology of Tron: Legacy | 3D Radar
Disney’s Tron was a visionary movie. Although released back in 1982 and constrained by the technology of the day, it presaged a universe of artificial intelligence and photorealistic video gaming that seems astoundingly prescient. Writer/director Steven Lisberger’s movie may have been a box office fail of the day, but it’s become emblematic of cyber chic ever since. Tron’s belated sequel, Tron Legacy, is a movie of similar technological significance.

The 3D world of Tron: Legacy | 3D Radar
The original Tron, released back in 1982, was famously prophetic. Not only did it foreshadow a vision of the internet as a (badly dressed, game obsessed) community, back when the term broadband hadn’t even been coined, it also ushered in a bold new era of visual effects.
Now decades later, the Tron universe has been rebooted with the spectacular Tron Legacy, a dizzying audiovisual techno-mash of a movie. To learn more Tech Radar caught up with director Joe Kosinski on the London leg of Tron Legacy’s European launch tour.

Avatar 3D Blu-ray review review |
It may be light on features but this 3D Blu-ray of Avatar is the single best reason we’ve seen to invest in a 3D TV. Watching it is like seeing the movie again for the first time. File under ‘Jaw-droppingly gorgeous’. The 3D Blu-ray version of Avatar has seen its resale value on eBay soar to over £200, as fans scrabble to secure a copy of this highly sought after promotional disc

Panasonic ties up Avatar 3D Blu-ray until Feb 2012, no retail release planned for 2011 | AV Zombie
If you were hanging on for the release of Avatar 3D on Blu-ray, then you might be Pandora-less for a little longer than anticipated. Panasonic has confirmed to me that it’s nabbed the exclusive global distribution rights to the blockbuster title until February 2012. Until that point, it will only be available as a retail incentive to buyers of the brand’s 3DTVs and Blu-ray players.
The news will come as a blow to those who already own 3D screens but were looking forward to adding the world’s most popular 3D movie to their collections.

Samsung UE55C9000 review – Pocket-lint
Samsung may be top dog in the global TV market, but it’s still rankled by the fact that it’s not truly regarded as a high-end brand. Despite critical plaudits and mass-market success, its moniker isn’t bandied around as a premiere league name. Samsung doesn’t resonate the way Ferrari or Dunhill does. But it has a plan to change all that – and that plan has a number: nine.

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 review – Pocket-lint
What if the future of 3D in the home doesn’t lie with the likes of Hollywood or Sky? What if 3D is destined to be something you make yourself, to share on a communal level – holiday photographs or videos of the kids growing up?
Having spent some time with Panasonic’s remarkable HDC-SD750 3D camcorder, we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s something altogether more compelling about the 3D experience when it becomes personal. . .

Onkyo TX-SR608 Home Cinema Receiver Review – Home Cinema Buyer
Onkyo took a long time to become an overnight sensation in the AV receiver market. Back in the day it couldn’t give kit away. Then something miraculous happened – it began to offer cutting-edge features before the competition and brought price points crashing down. The brand has been a dominant force ever since. The TX-SR608 continues to tout the same miraculous recipe. . .

PlayStation 3D vs 3D Blu-ray player: Third-dimension face-off | Crave | CNET UK
The PlayStation 3 is the Blu-ray player that just keeps giving. Smug owners have seen their console regenerate like a Time Lord to accommodate every new wrinkle that creases the face of the Blu-ray format. Britain’s car boot sales, by way of contrast, are knee-deep in first-generation Blu-ray decks so feeble they can’t play a disc that even vaguely smells of Java.

Toshiba 55ZL1 | Reviews | CNET UK
It’s difficult to mourn the passing of Toshiba’s Cell TV when Cevo Engine looks so sweet. The Toshiba 55ZL1’s multi-processor architecture promises to make it the Audi R8 of screens, and niceties like 2D-to-3D conversion look incredibly refined.

Panasonic P50VT20 3D TV review |
3D performance is terrific. We . . . were dazzled out by the smoothness and clarity of its images. There’s an effortless depth to its 3D which is really immersive. Indeed, we’d rate the 3D as more convincing than Samsung’s 6000 series LCD models, and stiff competition for the Samsung UE55C8000 LED model.

3D Live
A consumer guide to 3D technology, produced for Panasonic. Edited and project managed by Steve May. Over 430,000 readers of the digital edition to date…

Honeys of home cinema

A guide to the most popular women in home entertainment, edited by Steve for Home Cinema Choice. Over 67,000 readers to date…

In-depth: Why the time is right for Marantz to embrace AV, 3D Blu-ray and networking | Home Cinema Choice

Hi-fi specialist Marantz is repositioning itself with its most comprehensive roster of AV hardware to date, plus its first range of 3D-ready Blu-ray players and a dedicated network streamer for audiophiles. Speaking exclusively to HCC at a product briefing in Portugal, iconic spokesman Ken Ishiwata declared: ‘This is the start of a new era for Marantz. Of course we will respect our hi-fi heritage. But we need to reflect how people are using their content. Last year we created a new category for slim receivers, but we need to adapt, introduce even more with new products and directions…’

About me

I’ve been writing about technology and home entertainment for over 25 years. I’m probably best known as the creator of leading home entertainment magazine Home Cinema Choice, but I delight in telling people that I was also responsible for kick-starting goth rock, while writing as Steve Keaton for weekly British music newspaper Sounds.

I went on to join WV Publications (which was eventually acquired by Highbury House Communications and then Future Publishing). During that period, I created and/or launched 17 consumer magazines in the UK, covering everything from high technology to DIY power tools.

Today I’m a freelance technology journalist writing for T3, Home Cinema Choice, CNET UK and others. I’m also the Associate Publisher of UK AV trade magazine Home Cinema & Hi-Fi Digest (HCD to its friends). And I’m always looking for new things to do.

My company Steve May Media is a provider of editorial services, including copywriting, branded content and social media solutions, working in partnership with affiliated creative agencies. We do good stuff.


I’m a freelance technology journalist. I love to review home entertainment hardware and consumer appliances, and can write refreshingly accessible technology features and opinion pieces. With over 25 years experience I know what I’m talking about. You should hire me.

I write for CNET UK, Tech Radar, T3, Home Cinema Choice, Hi-FI Choice, Pocket-Lint, What Satellite & Digital TV, Home Cinema Digest and ERT. My industry contacts are unbeatable.

I supply a wide variety of editorial content, from news and features to interviews and advertorials. When it comes to product reviews, I can write credible evaluations based on years of comparative experience.

I also provide confidential product evaluation services for commercial clients, including bug-testing and early-indicator pre-reviews of all types of consumer electronics hardware, as well as proofing reading services for manuals and websites.

I can provide bespoke editorial for your website, blog entertainingly on your behalf, write copy for press releases . . . and maybe help turn that idea you scribbled down on the back of an envelope into reality.

Contact Steve May Media if you need: editorial Services, copywriting, PR representation, product or strategic consultancy, trade & blog marketing solutions and branded content. mail (at)

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